Apple says they sold 3 million new iPads over release weekend

Posted on Mar 19 2012 - 5:54pm by Mike Wewerka

Apple announced this afternoon the “actual” sales numbers of the new iPad that was released on Friday, March 16th. During a conference call this morning, CEO Tim Cook, was vague on details, only saying “it broke previous sales records and that they [Apple] are thrilled with it.” Since its release, the new iPad has sold over 3 million units! That’s an amazing number and here’s why.

Apple’s last product to be released was the iPhone 4S, which like the new iPad, was also garnered a “dud” by industry experts and bloggers because it didn’t have a different design or wasn’t “revolutionary” enough, yet went on to become the best selling iPhone to date and helped Apple sell over 37 million phones in one quarter. When the 4S was released, over 3 days, it sold 4 million units, which at the time was unbelievable. Keep in mind that for most people (at least here in the states) it only cost $200 bucks. The new iPad cost over $500, and up to $829, and yet it sold 3 million units in the same amount of time. Here’s another example, the iPad 2, sold 1 million units in 3 days and the first iPad, it took 28 days to reach just a million. Here’s another example, this one will help put the tablet wars in perspective too. Last year, Andy Rubin, Google’s Head of Android, said that 6 million Android tablets were “out there.” Essentially saying that 6 million Android tablets units were sold to date. Last quarter alone, the iPad 2 sold 15 million units. In just 3 days, the new iPad has sold HALF of what all Android tablets did last year. If there was any doubt as to who’s winning the tablet war, I think it’s all cleared up now.

So what can you take away from all this data, simply put, analysts and some blogs (not this one) have absolutely no idea, what consumers really want. They forget that people who read these sites and write about tech for a living are a little more invested than the average consumer. The average consumer doesn’t over hype a product to the point that their expectations can never be fulfilled. The other point, not every device Apple releases has to be different in design, if it works, let it ride. Think I’m wrong, just look at the success of the 4S and now the new iPad and if you still think the new iPad needs a redesign and that it wasn’t different enough, then you need to re-learn mathematics and economics, or simply get your head out of your ass.