Apple responds to outcry of “hotter” iPad, says nothings wrong

Posted on Mar 20 2012 - 12:07pm by Mike Wewerka

Since the iPad launched, last Friday, reviews have said that it tends to run a little warmer than the iPad 2. This is due to the fact that it takes more juice and battery power to run the Retina display, A5X processor and if you are using LTE, add that to the list. Since the back of the iPad is aluminum, it does conduct heat a little more than plastic, but even in our testing (review coming soon), while it has gotten a little warm in the bottom left corner, it has never gotten to the point where it has become an issue.

Apple, who normally doesn’t speak out on such issues, unless you count the whole “Antennagate” issue, immediately put a response out, basically saying that with all the new hardware, the device does run a little warmer but is running as intended and customers have nothing to worry about. But should they have any issues or concerns, to simply call AppleCare.

As I mentioned, we’ll have a review up shortly, and we’ll cover this topic, but I can say that I honestly don’t see this as an issue, it gets no warmer than my iPhone or Galaxy S II when I’ve been using them for graphic intensive apps. Nothing feels “HOT” or “BURNING.”

Source: All Things D