Apple quietly updates iPad 2 with smaller processor chip, provide better battery life

Posted on May 4 2012 - 5:27pm by Mike Wewerka

In a very unusual move, Apple has gone and updated the iPad 2′s processor, not with more power or speed, but by decreasing the overall size of the chip. Prior to the new iPad’s release, the iPad 2 utilized a 45nm A5 chip, but after the new iPad, it looks like iPad 2′s are now sporting a 32nm A5. According to AnandTech, who ran some tests on the new chip, the new smaller 32nm processor still performs at the same level as the older 45nm chip, but now provides improved battery life. When doing simple tasks like browsing the web or email, it boosted the battery life 16% longer when compared to the previous processor. But when playing games, the new chip increased battery life by a whopping 30%.

So why was this kept a secret? Most likely because Apple didn’t want the news to get out, that last years iPad, that costs a $100 less, has a batter that could potentially last 30% longer. It could hurt sales of the company’s new flagship iPad.

Before you decide to run out and snag one of these new iPad 2′s, keep in mind, Apple hasn’t marketed this feature, so you won’t find any evidence of a new, smaller processor on the box or even in the settings. Unless you run some tests yourself, you’ll never know.

  • Jack Shaw

    Hello, I was told, i’m not completely sure how it works anywhere else but in Australia if you look for a DMPJ, DMQJ in the serial on the back of the box, it’s the newer ipad 2