Apple overtakes Research in Motion in their own home country of Canada

Posted on Mar 23 2012 - 5:16pm by Mike Wewerka

When Research in Motion (RIM) said they wouldn’t ship a new BlackBerry 10  device until later this year, many questioned if the struggling Canadian company would survive long enough to deliver. RIM has suffered round after round of bad news, from crippling service outages to major corporations and government agency’s dropping their BlackBerry smartphones for iPhones or Android devices. Their stock has continued to dwindle, they’ve spend more than half of their companies reserve last year and have nothing to show for it, so could possible make matters worse?

Apple, the company that RIM said wouldn’t have any effect on them back in 2007, has just more phones in Cananda than RIM, who is actually based out of Waterloo. Apple shipped over 2.85 million iPhones to Canada in 2011, beating RIM’s 2.08 million, that’s a lead of over 750,000 phones (stats by Bloomberg).

In 2010, RIM’s BlackBerry out shipped the iPhone by over 500,000 units, so in contrast, Apple caught up to the 500,000 and then blew right past RIM with an additional 770,000 units, that’s an increase of over 1.2 million devices shipped in just one year.

This data tells us a few things, one, the iPhone’s popularity all over the world is increasing, at a rapid rate and two, RIM’s long time supporters, even those in its home country, are beginning to bail on the struggling company.

RIM is banking on the success of their upcoming BB10 operating system, which will have better HTML 5 support, 3D gaming capabilities and a new touch-screen interface. One of the biggest problems that they are going to face, are the same uphill struggles that Microsoft’s has with Windows Phone, developer support. Without a healthy ecosystem to back their new OS and phones, they might as well be dead in the water.

Source: PCWorld