Apple leads “connected TV” market with 32% thanks to Apple TV

Posted on Dec 12 2011 - 8:20pm by Mike Wewerka
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According to a new report from Analyst Jia Wu out of “Connected Home Devices (CHD),”  the connected TV market is expanding and as it stands right now, Apple and their Apple TV are leading the way. Wu reports that Apple is expected to sell over 4 million units this year, which amounts to 32% of the market.

Since it was re-released Apple has said that AppleTV has been just a “hobby.” For just a hobby device, it’s become pretty successful, it looks like AppleTV owners are more thrifty that other set-top box owners, with 30% of them purchasing content and renting movies/TV compared to only 20% on competing boxes.

With rumors of Apple creating its own Television, this “hobby” may finally become another pillar of Apple sales.