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Posted on Apr 17 2013 - 3:53pm by Mike Wewerka
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App Flyer3 580x322 App Review: Split Pic Pro

There are a ton of photo apps in Apple’s App Store, they all seem to offer the same thing, square images with filters and the ability to post to Facebook. So what do developers need to do in order to differentiate their apps from the heard? How about the ability to take pictures differently, uniquely and more creatively. That’s exactly what developer Easy Tiger did with their App Split Pic. The Brooklyn based developer created an app that is simple to use, yet provides powerful, engaging results.

Have you ever wanted to put yourself in a photo more than once? Say, having yourself going toe-to-toe with, well, yourself. What about duplicating yourself three or four times in the same picture doing different poses? Now you can! With Split Pic, users are given a very easy to use UI that allows them to pick from several different layouts, all of which break the frame of the image up into different segments. There is a free version of Split Pic and a Pro version ($1.99), which I highly recommend, as you get more layouts to choose from, which can make creating more awesome pictures and effects much easier.

Let’s the take the easiest of the layouts, a simple square cut in half vertically. To get the best result, you should have your iPhone on a steady surface—assuming that you’re doing this shoot yourself—or have a friend hold it “REALLY” still, as you don’t want the background to move. Now, simply pick a pose or action for the left side of the shot and take the picture. Now move over to the other side of the screen (or in your location) and do something different, take another picture. Assuming the background didn’t move at all, you should see an awesome picture with yourself doing two different things in the same shot. If you mess up slightly or your arm breaks the vertical line, don’t worry, there are also editing tools as well. You can literally drag the vertical line with your figure and and right to make room. Let’s say that there is a little misalignment in the two images, there is a blending tool that you can move, via a slider, to adjust for the difference which will feather the line and create a seamless image. What photo app would be complete without fun, funky filters? Split Pic has those too, which you also get more of with the Pro version. There’s even an auto timer that you can set, so that you can set up your iPhone, tap the button and walk away to do your posing. With their latest update, you can hear the countdown which helps you get into position. Once you hear the click, move to your next position, each time, depending on how many frames you have in your selected layout. Once you’re finished, you can edit the image the same as any other. One of the cooler aspect of the filters, is that let’s say you did a photo, where you are cut in half, you can place one filter on what side that may make you look antiqued, while on the other, it looks like you’re straight out of a Roy Lichtenstein painting.

The app is creative, slick and easy to use. After you have taken a few pictures, you can even submit them to the developer, who will post them on their Facebook Page to share with their community. Like most photo apps, Split Pic also lets you share your images via email, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook Flickr and yes, Instagram.

Check out some awesome creative samples from their Facebook Page.

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