APP REVIEW: Gmail Unread Count Widget

Posted on Sep 1 2010 - 2:11am by Mike Wewerka
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app review gmail APP REVIEW: Gmail Unread Count Widget

The Gmail Unread Count is a simple, Widget as opposed to an App, but it works all the same. If your using the standard Gmail app that came with your Android device then you’ve probably run into the issue that almost all of us Android owners have, no emails count showing up on your mail icon. While this may sound like a petty compliant it’s really an annoyance that should not have been over looked this far into Android life, especially 2.2. So, if you’re used to looking at your top bar to see if a new mail has come in but don’t know how many; this Widget has got you covered.

If you go to the Android Market and search for “Gmail Unread Count” you’ll find the app with the icon listed above. Once downloaded, activating the widget is simple. From your home screen, tap menu, then add widget. Select Widgets in the menu then scroll down till you see the icon for “Gmail Unread Count.” Click it to add the widget to your window. A black page will pop up and give you some simple options, like Google Account (if you have multiple accounts on your phone it’s easy to choose with one you want to apply it to). From there you can pick “style” choose widget here, then under that is “image” this is where you can select the icon you want to use. There are quite a few to choose from including 2D and 3D (angled) different colors (the gmail “M”) from Black, Blue, Red and even Green. You can pick a clean version or a version that looks sketched. Try to experiment and see what works for you. After you are done making your selections scroll all the way down and hit “Ok”.

You’re done!

I’ve been using this app/widget for about 2 weeks now and I have to say it’s been awesome. I click just tap my home button, swipe down to unlock and quickly glace at my Gmail icon and if it’s clear I’m good, if there is like 15, then I know I’m going to be busy for like 25 mins. Either way, it’s been a nice change that I think Google should have fixed on their own, but in the meantime this will do.

  • Kevin Taylor

    Its now 2013 and Gmail still not got unread mail count – okay it is there on the widget one like you say but being a widget means it has to stay on the home screen and cant live permanently displayed down on the bottom bar with the other main apps – which pretty much suxx – gotta be politics in there somewhere as to why its not a given – maybe some copyright breach thingy – I mean its not like Google don’t know how to do it with all their expertise so it must be some legal issue i spose.

  • Benskis

    its 2014. still the same, strange..