[App Review] Draw Something

Posted on Mar 19 2012 - 8:15pm by Doug Puccetti

After receiving 20 million downloads in just 5 small weeks, I figured it was time for me to give Draw Something some credit and review it. So what is Draw Something? Most people would roll their eyes or look at you like you have 5 heads if they heard you say that. And most likely their response would be something like “Oh my god, its like, the bestest game ever!” or how ever crazy fan kids talk. But on a serious note, Draw Something is a social game, played on Facebook, a smartphone or tablet, that challenges you to draw a picture from a given list of words on that small piece of real estate you have (yes iPhone users, Im talking about you). In simpler words, it’s kinda like Pictionary.

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Using your email or Facebook account it’s easier than ever to set up a username and start playing. If you are linked up to your Facebook account, you can challenge any of your friends (who has the game) to a new ‘match’. Matches are simple. Each player takes turns selecting a word then drawing it. Your opponent is then able to see your drawing, and with 10 semi-random tiles, tries to guess the word you just drew. If they are successful they receive how ever many ‘Coins’ (ingame currency) that word was worth. The more coins the harder the word. Turns alternate back and forth keeping track of how many rounds have gone by without anyone missing a word.

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By earning coins you unlock things like bombs and colors. You may also spend real cash and purchase more coins. Bombs are used only when you cant draw something with the list of words given and want new words, or when you cant figure out what your opponent drew and you would like to eliminate some letters to help you narrow down the word. But your bombs are limited, so use them wisely. There are plenty of color packs to choose from, all costing around 250 coins each. Brighten up your drawings with some color!

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Some other statistics include top 3 color choices used in the match, percentage of chosen word difficulty, guess speed, draw speed, coin distribution and amount of time played. So for anyone who’s competitive, you’ll be glued to the stats section.

Right now you can purchase the ad free application for just $0.99 (iTunes and Google Play Store) and get 450 coins, 5 bombs and 2500 words to draw, all as extras! That’s a pretty great deal and exactly what I did.

Techhog Rating: 8/10

Pros: Very social friendly, Fluid, Addicting, Fun, Cross platform compatibility

Cons: Not enough words, Sometimes randomly closes when loading games, No push notifications

Summary: Due to its recent success, its obviously a great and addicting game. Honestly, the best way to kill a lazy Sunday afternoon.