Updated: Angry Birds Space now available for OS X, iOS and Android

Posted on Mar 22 2012 - 12:53pm by Mike Wewerka

Update: Within an hour, Angry Birds Space has already knocked the popular “Draw Something” app out of first place on the top paid apps list on iTunes. Could Draw Somethings popularilty be a fad? Was Zynga’s purchase to soon? We shall see…


The company that brought casual gaming to the masses, ROVIO, has finally released their highly anticipated game, Angry Birds Space. Sort of a sequel in some ways, Angry Birds Space introduces some completely new ways to solve the typical Angry Birds style gameplay, with gravity effects being the most noticeable. ROVIO also gave the new game a very polished look that will surely shine on the new iPad and its Retina display.

There is a downside, for those of you wishing to simply purchase Angry Birds Space and play it on the go with your phone or tablet, sadly it is not a “+” or universal game, meaning you’ll have to purchase a separate phone and tablet version. The phone version runs a measly $0.99, the tablet version however, will cost you $2.99, so for both you’re looking at about $4 total, which isn’t terrible, but it’s a shame that ROVIO didn’t make this a universal app. For those of you looking to purchase this on your computer, the price is $4.99, a dollar more than both the phone and tablet versions combined.

We just picked up the game for the new iPad and will be testing it out, we’ll have a full review this weekend. If you’ve been dying to play the game and don’t want to wait for a review, head over to the App Store, Android Market Google Play Store or Mac App Store and download it now.