Android Users Respond to Apple’s Siri, with ‘iris’.

Posted on Oct 18 2011 - 1:05pm by Doug Puccetti
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In the recent release of Apple’s iOS5, a personal assistant named Siri was born. Android users always had a TTS (text to speech) function and was able to send messages by telling your phone to do so; but Android users never had an assistant they could talk to or even personally name. Now there is a new app on the Android market called iris (according to, stands for ‘Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri’). It’s intended to do everything Siri can do (answer questions, hold conversations, etc) so Android users don’t feel left out. Currently its in the alpha stage of development, but its fresh on the market so grab it now and try it while it’s still free! Link to android market.iris Android Users Respond to Apples Siri, with iris.


  • guest

    I knew it wouldn’t talk long, since half the tech already existed within android

  • Anonymous

    Where Siri came along I was like “That’s cool, but Android’s pretty much had all that technology for ages”. And it’s true, it’s just that no one thought to apply it the way Apple did. Siri is cool, but it’s going to be a dime-a-dozen before long.

    • Doug Puccetti

      I happen to agree. Like the comment above said, Android always had the
      tools and ability to make this application. Guess they never really had
      the need for it. And honestly, I still don’t think there’s a need for
      it. I will give it a shot but I don’t think there’s a practical use
      since android has integrated voice command.