Android the preferred OS of Developers over iOS says new study

Posted on Jun 8 2011 - 11:59am by Mike Wewerka

It’s no secret that mobile app developing is quickly becoming the place to make games and apps. With smartphones outpacing handheld gaming systems and more consumers purchasing smartphones over feature phones. But who to develop for, on one hand you have Apple, with a bigger app store that has been established longer, BUT, takes 30% of your sales. On the other hand you have Android and their market that doesn’t charge developers, BUT, is harder to have your app discovered.

While Apple’s App store has over 500,000 apps, 90,000 of which are built for the iPad, it is no doubt the leader, but does that mean it is the clear choice of developers? Not according to a study but Bluevia and Vision Mobile, who found that 67% of developers prefer to code for Android, while 59% choose to code for iOS. Keep in mind many developers also code for both stores with simple ports of their apps crossing over.

Aside from building OS specific apps, the biggest increase was mobile WEB apps (HTML5 and Javascript) which saw a jump of 15%, from 40% to 55% overall.

So where does that leave Microsoft’s Window’s Phone 7 OS? Well, currently it sits in 4th place behind Web apps, but according to Vision Mobile they may change as developers are looking at each OS to grow their business. Android remains 1st for developers looking, closely followed by Wp7, then ChromeOS, iOS and MeeGo rounding out the top 5. Symbian and Java are being dropped the fastest, but with Nokia killing off Symbian, that should come as no surprise to anyone.

One thing that is surprising, is that while RIM’s Blackberry brand continues to drop marketshare like a bad juggler, developers have still continued to develop for it, so much so, that it went up from 40% to 45%. While it’s not a massive jump it still shows that some developers out there feel the need to continue supporting it.

PCWorld points out that revenue was actually listed as the 3 most common reason for picking a platform. Android may be leading the pack with developers, its not making them millionaires, at least not all of them. I guess developers just prefer the freedom and lack of restrictions that Android provides and the amount of markeshare it currently holds.

[Source: PCWorld]