Amazon updates the Kindle Fire to improve initial customer complaints

Posted on Dec 22 2011 - 11:58pm by Mike Wewerka

The Kindle Fire, Amazon’s runaway hit, has been enjoying great sales number but, it also has had a few customer complaints. Mainly things like browsing speeds, the off switch placement and few others. Amazon, has been quick to respond and has already issued their first “fix” update.

The update, version 6.2.1, is now out for download, for free, and will beef up fluidity, browsing performance, touch responsive and will let you customize the carousel and as a bonus, you can now add a password to lock WiFi access.

While I don’t own a Kindle Fire myself, my father did by one for my Mother and so I updated the device for them and tested it out. I have to say the touch responsiveness is much better than before I updated. Previously, I’d swipe though apps and I’d go to tap on one and it would just skip to the next app rather than select it. After the update, the Fire respond much more accurately. The browsing speed was slightly faster, but nothing I’d call groundbreaking and was slower than my iPad (first gen).

If you’ve downloaded the update and have noticed any other improvements, let us know below.