Amazon to introduce new “Whitepaper” Kindle e-Ink eReader next week

Posted on Aug 31 2012 - 10:27am by Mike Wewerka

With their event taking place next week on September 6, Amazon’s surprises are being let out of the bag a little early. The Verge, who’s been snagging most of the exclusives pertaining to Amazon’s event, posted an early prototype image of a Kindle Fire yesterday, which we covered, and now we have the next step for the Kindle Touch e-Reader.

According to the images in our gallery below, courtesy of The Verge, Amazon is finally going to have its answer to Barnes & Noble’s Nook Touch with “GlowLight.” While the Nook’s Glowlight brags about having a front-lit display, Amazon insists that their new Kindle Touch uses a back light. The technology behind Amazon’s new display, is something they are calling Whitepaper, which is supposedly replacing their previous Pearl screen technology. Despite the fact that the new Kindle has a back light, consumer won’t need to fret over battery life, as the device will still manage to achieve eight weeks of battery life, even with the light on.

As for the design of the unit itself, Amazon made two drastic changes, one is obviously color, instead of the light grey we’ve become accustom to, Amazon has made the new Kindle Touch dark gray, almost black even. The other change is the removal of the unit’s front home button. We assume there is a button on the edge of the device somewhere to turn the device on and off, the rest of the device’s functions we assume will be done on the device’s touch screen.

So far it looks like Amazon will have at least 2-3 nice devices when it takes the stage next week, anyone interested in a plain old, dedicated e-reader with a Paperwhite display?

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