Almost 20,000 BlackBerry 10 apps submitted over the weekend

Posted on Jan 21 2013 - 10:56pm by Mike Wewerka
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Just when you think RIM’s down and out, the company’s upcoming OS, BlackBerry 10 seems to be garnering a lot of attention which may help resurrect the struggling company. Aside from some really cool camera features and even an innovative lock screen, RIM’s hoping that the rest of its new OS will bring back some old “Crackberry” fans, but to do that, they’ll need apps, apps and more apps.

That being said, RIM should be excited, because over the weekend (36 hours) as part of another “Port-a-Thon,”—the first of which saw over 15,000 app submissions RIM saw nearly 20,000 apps submitted for their BlackBerry 10 OS. Combined, that’s almost 35,000 apps for an OS that isn’t even publicly available.

When it comes to apps, RIM had some more news, as they also announced they’ve decided to drop “App” from BlackBerry App World, thus making their new official name for their app store, BlackBerry World.