Adobe testing a prototype version of Lightroom for iPad

Posted on May 2 2013 - 11:34am by Mike Wewerka
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lr tablet controls Adobe testing a prototype version of Lightroom for iPad

If you’re like me, an avid photographer, then you may be excited to hear that Adobe is currently testing out a new “prototype” version of their popular Lightroom software for the iPad. The folks over at CNET received a little sneak peak of the software, which has no release date, but looks to be quite powerful. Within the mobile app, users will be able to actually edit RAW files (WIN), including the ability to edit an image’s exposure, shadows, highlights, white balance and my personal favorite, clarity. Adobe’s also adding the ability to zoom in 100%, so that users can see how clear or how much noise there is within an image. But perhaps the best part feature in Lightroom for iPad, will be that it’s cloud enabled, meaning whatever changes you make to a photograph on your iPad, they also will show up on its PC/Mac counterpart.

While I doubt—nay, I know—that an iPad version of Lightroom won’t be as powerful as the Mac/PC version, it will still offer me some powerful tools to edit photos on the go without having to lug around my heavier laptop. For those of you who haven’t messed with Apple’s iPhoto for iOS, it’s a very easy app to use, that also features some pretty cool technology for changing value and saturation in things like the sky and grass, I can only image the folks at Adobe have pushed the envelope a little further.

If Lightroom is anything like Photoshop Touch, expect the price to start out between $4.99 and $9.99, but as for a release date… we have no idea. As you can seen in the video below, this software is still in the early stages, but hopefully it won’t be to long.