A Samsung Prime gets a hands on? Not so fast…

Posted on Sep 14 2011 - 10:12pm by Mike Wewerka

Don’t get me wrong, I admire and respect TheDroidGuy.com and its Founder Kyle, but I just read his latest “Exclusive” and I’m having a hard time swallowing the the whole “hands-on” thing. First off, every detail about the phone he described is something we ALL already know, yes it will have a TI OMAP Processor, an 8MP and 2MP camera, NFC etc, etc, etc…

If you had this device in your hands, don’t you think you’d spill more beans than just the same stuff we’ve been hearing for months? How about does it really have a 4.65″ screen? Sure it may not be running Ice Cream Sandwich for whatever reason, but you’d still be able to tell the screen size and WAS IT A 720p display? Yet we get nothing in terms of new info. How about the build of the phone, we know it will be slightly bigger (due to LTE), but what of the build material? We’ve heard the rumors of the metal chassis, why not confirm it? Simple thing to say, “Hey everyone, it won’t be made of all plastic like the Nexus S…leave it at that.

I just find it quiet odd, that you are holding the second most talked about phone of the year, a phone shrouded in secrecy and yet you only give out details that we all already know. Again, I’m not saying Kyle or TheDroidGuy.com are lying, I’m just saying I have a hard time believing such things with little to almost no new evidence given to support the story. Give us some facts that only someone who’s held the device would know, that’s all.

The only other small tidbit that may be considered as new info, was that the device will sport only 1 button, a home button. If this is indeed true, Samsung and Google may have just sounded the death bell, as Apple will have a field day in the courts with that one. Aside from that…we know all the rest so I won’t bother posting it all here. If you want to read the “exclusive” head over to their site from the source link below.


Source: TheDroidGuy