A New Flexible Phone Prototype by Nokia

Posted on Oct 27 2011 - 2:04pm by Doug Puccetti
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Nokia flexible UI 300x240 A New Flexible Phone Prototype by NokiaAt the Nokia World Event, Nokia not only showed their new line of Windows Phones but they also showed off a prototype of a flexible phone. Kind of like an accelerometer used inside phones to correctly orientate the device, shuffle a song or drive a car in a game; this flexible phone has points where pressure can be added.

Adding pressure to specific sides of the device will do different things. Twisting/bending the phone left or right edges will either change the song, photo or switch applications depending on what application/setting you are in. Bending the phone in and out will make it zoom in or zoom out and bending it in the middle of the left or the right side will either open/play an application or go back to the previous application/screen.

The screen is obviously a type of plastic. So that means its not scratch resistant. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a bunch of scratches on my screen. But, the screen is a nice WVGA OLED display with wide viewing angles.

Will this UI ever catch on? or will it just stay a prototype? Bending your phone takes more effort and one more hand than just taping on the screen to open an application or scroll through a list. We will have to see where Nokia goes with this prototype.

Source: GSMarena