7th Gen Apple iPod Nano to have a Camera?

Posted on Apr 2 2011 - 1:53pm by Mike Wewerka
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ipod nano 7th Gen Apple iPod Nano to have a Camera?

As if the iPod Nano wasn’t already small enough and jammed full of tech, it appears Apple is set to put a camera back inside. According to Apple.pro and the picture they provided below (click for a larger version) you can see the shell of what looks like the current gen iPod Nano with the exception of what looks like a large camera hole on the upper right hand corner. It should be interesting to see how this method will work, seeing how the nano has a clasp on the back that is the same size as the unit itself. Perhaps the clasp will also have a whole or will be missing the corner so that the camera can take clear pictures.

nano large 300x289 7th Gen Apple iPod Nano to have a Camera?

This new nano will presumably be shown off during Apple’s annual iPod event in September. But, if that is true then it looks like we are going to have a full show if rumors are right that the next gen iPhone (5) will be shown off there instead of in June and possible a upgraded iPad. Seems to be a busy year once again for Apple.


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