Samsung’s LTE equipped Windows Phone surfaces in leaked photo

Posted on May 3 2012 - 12:50am by Mike Wewerka

 Samsungs LTE equipped Windows Phone surfaces in leaked photo

Samsung’s mysterious “Mandel” LTE equipped Windows Phone 7.5 device for AT&T has been floating around for a while, back in January of this year, it passed certification for Bluetooth and then more recently (March) it even cleared the FCC, which typically means a phone is within weeks of being released. We’re not 100% sure if the device was cancelled, seeing how it didn’t launch with either the HTC Titan II or Nokia’s Lumia 900 in mid-April, but it’s also entirely possible that Samsung decided to either delay the Mandel to allow a little time between its release and the Titan and Lumia’s or Samsung could have postponed its release and is instead waiting to release it when Microsoft drops Windows Phone 8.

While the image above only shows off the devices back, which looks slick and smooth, according to another photo over at WPCentral which shows the phone synced to Zune software, it looks like the Mandel was set to only come with 8GB of storage, suggesting that it was meant to be another mid-level device, despite the high-end looking metal trim and glossy battery cover.

There’s not a lot of other information to go off, but from the way things are looking, we may not be seeing this LTE smartphone anytime soon, instead come October, we may just get the Focus S II, the Galaxy S III inspired Windows Phone that WP Life exclusively reported on last week.